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keep walking.keep learning. keep growing.

why do you learn to walk when you are 1 year old?

Even then there is continuous feedback. People around you are screaming, warning, discouraging, cautioning.

But you giggle.

You fall.

You get up.

You are more eager than the last attempt.

You stumble, fumble, and slowly learn to stand…

purity is nature

What do you see when you look at a human being?

Most of us see the physical appearance, how they look, dress, walk, talk, right?

Some of us will say that they get positive vibes when they look at someone. …

before the choice happens which path do you begin…

Do you ever wonder?

  1. How did I say that?
  2. How did I do that?
  3. I never intended to speak like that but how come such harsh words came out of my mind?
  4. How can I judge so much?
  5. Why do I keep commenting to other people behaviour so much?
  6. What…

your expression is born of matter which you carry

Normally we do not look inwards, it’s only when an #emotion rises and overpowers us in it’s expression then we are forced to reflect.

You say, OMG!! how did I scream? Is it really me?. Then our #ego constructs a story to make mind believe that it’s not really me…

जीवन मैं जो अंदर है वही बाहर होता है !!

अक्सर देखा गया है कि जो हमारे पास है हम वही देते हैं। जैसे हमारे पास सुख है तो वही बाँट सकते हैं, दुःख है तो वही बाँट सकते हैं।

लेकिन जब हम देते हैं तो बिना मतलब का परेशान होते हैं की, अरे!! मैं कैसे ग़ुस्सा हो गया, मैं…

happiness is all there is , rest all is fake news। जो भी है सुख ही है, बाक़ी सब मिथ्या है

Happiness is our true nature. It is not a goal to be achieved, it is the state of our being. Unhappiness is what keeps us away from happiness. We need to work on eliminating or reducing the cause of unhappiness in our lives by doing sudarshan kriya, sahaj samadhi meditation…

from being lost in maze of life to reaching the fountain square of bliss in this lifetime

Many times, after you learn a tool/technique you are not able to practice it on regular basis. why does that happen?

Let’s discuss a beautiful breathing technique called sudarshan kriya whose purpose is to release stress from your system and give you a glimpse of your true nature ie., bliss/peace/harmony…

you are here to blossom like a lotus, in muddy water but untouched, in full sun.

How can you be worthless?

Someone has taken so good care of you and continues to do so.

Someone has made those little fingers of yours to eat, type, point, carry…

Someone has given 2 sockets called eyes in which you can fit a little ant to entire sky.


dissipating difficulty, a cloud at a time

We just concluded the regular daily sadhana with group of friends who recently learnt the Sudarshan Kriya. After we conclude sadhana, we read a knowledge sheet from the book An intimate note to sincere seeker by Gurudev Sri Sri RaviShankar ji. …

where-ever they are, they bloom at the same time, when its the time

खुद से मिल कर

खुद ही ख़ुदा हो गए

खुद की मस्ती मैं

खुद ही ख़ुदा हो गए

तेरी बस्ती के रंग मैं

हम भी लाल हो गए

जो जुबां कुछ बयान न कर सकी

तुझसे मिलते ही शायराना हो गयी

तेरी बस्ती मैं आकर

मेरी हस्ती सस्ती हो गयी

खुद को मिटा कर ही

खुद से ख़ुदा हो गए

खुद को भुला कर ही

खुद से ख़ुदा हो गए

खुद मिले या ना मिले

ख़ुदा मिले तो

खुद से जुदा हो गए

तेरी मस्ती मैं

हम भी जवाँ हो गए

dedicated to my master Gurudev Sri Sri RaviShankar ji

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care, share, live, spread meditation(happiness), share the art of living,

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