Conserving trees

yesterday — the birds lost their nest again

Happy Environment Day 2020 !!☺️

On this environment day can we pledge to treat trees as our own.

How can we move from a paranoid mindset to a conservationist mindset when it comes to the trees or any other non-human life form?

The probability of a tree falling on your head is less than having an accident on the road. I don’t have numbers but hopefully you get the point.

Do we stop using the road? No. We take precaution. We try to follow the law more sincerely. We try to develop more patience when on roads.

Same way when it comes to the branches of a diseased tree. A mango tree which has withstood many a storms, rains, sun. One branch of some tree falls somewhere and the drive to cut many more begins.

Recently another tree was cut/pruned in our beautiful Brigade Gardenia campus built on erstwhile mango garden.

After the tree was cut we found the inside to be fresh and pure aroma. The disease was on the bark. Don’t we have a cure for the disease of the bark of a tree?

Cant the car parks move away from the trees. Cant we barricade the areas around the tree. Cant we create metal shed to save loss to human property or life.

A mango farmer today said neem treatment can help. Will it?

Is cutting/pruning the only option? Can you help here if you have any ideas to preserve/conserve a tree than letting it go?

My 10 years old was in tears when she heard that we got one more mango tree cut the other day. She said Go and hug the tree, talk to it and protest hard so that no more is cut.

We had started a protest after the last mango tree was cut on November 14.

Hoping that before next environment day we have a community which is more aligned and sensitive to nature around us!!

Painting courtesy — Mamta Shringirishi

Video take on the article



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