Demystifying meditation — language

If your mind is jalebi then how do you untangle. courtesy jalebi to Mamta

Did you know that body and mind converse in different language?

What is the language of the body?


If you have to lose weight. You can see where the weight is in your body, say its stomach or hips or chins. You will find specialists to provide you with specific exercises to lose weight from that part.

If you sincerely follow the routine then your body is fine tuned. You may even get six packs.

What will you do with a strong body if you have a weak mind?

How do we develop six packs in the mind?

Really, It’s not that hard. You just need to pick the language of the mind.

What is the language of the mind?


Can you locate the weight in the mind?

First you need to recognize that you are carrying weight. The overburdened mind causes stress (too many desires, too less energy). Mostly you recognize the effects of stress when they manifest in the body. We are not interested here to list the endless list of ailments caused by stress.

You don’t know if you are carrying weight in the mind. You don’t know where it is located. You don’t know who are the specialists who can locate it for you and give you relief or burn the fats of the mind.

Why are there so many unknowns when it comes to the mind?

Anyways, until you resolve the unknown I will unravel one unknown and that is the language of the mind.

Mind likes to be free. Mind likes to fly. Mind likes to be unconstrained.

If you let the mind be then the mind will leave you in peace.

If you fight with the mind then it will leave you in pieces.

So we let the mind be, do, behave, go where ever it wants to when we meditate. And its only for the 20–30–40 minutes of meditations that we unhold the mind.

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The idea for the languages was obtained during one of the online meditation that Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar took.

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Be well.

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