Demystifying wonder

Have you ever wondered at what wonder is?

Today I was asking my participants of online breath and meditation workshop from art of living to wonder at their personal experience of their sudarshan kriya, the breathing technique known to bring back your original natural self back.

How do we wonder?

Sometimes the first expressive word that comes out is woawwww. Sometimes the eyes pop out, mouth opens and you are in a state of stillness. Sometimes you are speechless

What do we wonder at?

Sometimes at sunset. Sometimes at the waves of ocean. Sometimes at the peculiarities of the human mind, certain behaviours that happen in and around us. The experience of sudarshan kriya.

Why do we wonder?

When an experience is beyond your intellect then you wonder. In the workshop we talk about seven level of existence and its intellect is only the fourth layer of existence. Wonder happens from seventh layer of existence which you experience in sudarshan kriya.

What is the end state of wonder?

It leaves you in bliss, in peace, happy. These are the qualities of seventh layer of our existence.

Do you wish to experience peace, happiness and freedom in your life? If that is one of your GOAL in life then you must sign up for the ART OF LIVING Online Breath and Meditation Workshop. It is happening all over the world.

Registration Link —

If you don’t wish to be happy and peaceful in life then do pass on this message to someone who is seeking it.

They will bless you for rest of your life and you will remain in wonderment as to what did I do, I simply referred him to sudarshan kriya?

And if you wish to enjoy my company then do let me know in comment below and I will connect with you (For now I can only take this workshop for Indian nationals in India).

All the above and more as a video



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