Devotion — eye of electron

the light is not that far, look in, the eye within

When you look outside there is infinite universe. There are stars, galaxies, planets, space…

The human eye can see the huge sky until the horizon, the vast lands, oceans, as far as it can. How big is your eye?

When you close the eyes, what happens?

You still see. You still hear. You still talk.

Depending on you day and time of closing your eyes, the internal activities are proportional to you mental chatter.

What happens when you continue to close the eyes?

The chatter within subsides. The interest in outside diminishes.

Something slows downs. Activity stops. Mind starts to flow, starts to expand.

Where does the mind expand into? Where does the mind flow out to?

Your body is limited, say 170 cm by 360 cm.

What has changed by closing the eyes?

Did you get new set of eyes? Or the eye inside diminished in size?

What is to be subtle, finer, thinner? What is becoming small so that what was normal becomes huge?

Is it that your eyes are nearing electron dimensions? And the world around is taking universal dimensions?

Your eyes are still shut.

Maybe this is meditation.

In devotion you have a longing to meet someone.

Maybe the one who you seek is so refined that you cannot even know them with normal senses. So in meditation the senses gather and collapse inside like getting into a black hole, continuing to become so small, subtle, finer, increasing the probability of meeting the beloved divine.

Have you tried meditation? What has been your experience?

If not, there is a huge universe inside, untapped, unknown. Seek a master who has been there, seen that, done that and hold his hand to walk around and explore the depths of within.

The idea above was born in sanyam meditation that I learnt in Art Of Living and this article is offer my expression to my master Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar ji.

Heres the video take on above article, please share your reaction/s in whichever form is compatible to you 😇



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