How to come out of mental heaviness or mental weight?

you are a lion of energy, don’t let the uneasiness weigh you down — art courtesy Mamta Shringirishi

Generally it is observed that areas near the chest tend to get heavy once in a while. It does not mean that the muscles in that region suddenly gained weight. It is just a feeling of heaviness that mostly develops in that region. It could be in the naval region or neck region or face or some where else.

Your body weight remains same but still you feel heavier than normal. That weight which is of the mind, but you experience as heaviness in the body, is mental heaviness.

It could also be uneasiness or some fear that something may go wrong with you or you will be exposed or you will be insulted or you will be looked down upon by peers, family, & friends.

Hope you are able to relate to that feeling of being there and are eagerly curious to address it, overcome it.

We will try to understand the likely cause of it in this article and how to overcome it?.

One of the likely cause could be your likes and dislikes (cravings and aversions). Most of your life you are driven by your likes and dislikes.

When everything in nature is composed of and by mother divine, then where is the place for your likes and dislikes?

You go to some music shows because you are a big fan of that type of music. But you also go to some other music shows even though you abhor that type of music, because you are fan of the company that takes you to music shows. From the first, you come out walking in air and from the latter you come out dragging your feet, cringing and judging and complaining and how you could have utilised your time better.

You have a choice to like or dislike, but you also have a choice to exercise that right or let it pass.

Take the current heaviness inside you. Continue to analyse the root cause of it. Invariably you will end up in some like or dislike of yours as the underlying root cause of it.

When all the heaviness rooted in you is due to some like or dislike then is it worth spending time and energy in building and sustaining a like or dislike?

Do you think it is possible to move from heaviness to lightness inside you?

Some people may go into extremes like

  1. so we should not have likes and dislikes at all
  2. how will we live on this planet without likes and dislikes
  3. every industry will collapse if we don’t have likes and dislikes
  4. there will be no ventures nor any economic activity here without like/dislike
  5. there will be no passion left on the planet
  6. the human race will end without like or dislike
  7. …and so on …

There is no abandonment of likes and dislikes here. There is elaboration for the cause of heaviness in you and a re-routing of your existence towards lightness. So how can we coexist with the natural phenomenon of likes and dislikes?

You cannot do away from likes and dislikes. Gurudev Sri Sri RaviShankar ji mentioned in one of the talks in the Art of Living silence program that — when you look at nature a certain serenity sweeps you, but when you look at a human face a certain emotional upheaval happens. Not his exact words, but you get the sense of how much love or hatred a human presence can create if allowed to have a free fall?

One of the way could be to shift to preferences. So you shift your thought pattern from


or similar like

  1. I prefer to get into this college but if I don’t then I will try again next year
  2. I prefer to get into this college but if I don’t then I have a list of colleges in my backup plan
  3. I prefer that my appraisal goes this way but if it does not then I will pick up the areas of improvements and see if I can implement them.
  4. I prefer that my child studies on her own but if she does not then I will continue to spend time to make her a independent student

If the outcome is not as per your desire then you can stretch the outcome, lengthen the wait period. Not wanting instantaneous results may also shift the heaviness into the future from now. Like if you want your child to study now and she refuses then you can try shifting from a hardliner stand of


You see, in Indian temples, you keep going around and round the deity a number of times before you enter the main altar. With the hope that someday the deity will give you darshan. So in the case of your child too, you can stretch the expected outcome to something like Someday the child will start to study on her own.

You can try to stay put with the heavy feelings.

Treat the uneasiness, heaviness as normal feelings. Do not give it a VIP status or the first class seating in your mental flight. Welcome it like you would welcome a long lost friend.

Oh My Gawd!! where were you all this time? I was so light without you. Let’s make some heavy moves now.

You can also try to challenge the down feelings. As Gurudev says, Invoke the Valor in you. Let me see how long you last. If you think you are bigger, then I have a bigger master to support me while you are around. No matter how hard you try you will not be able to stay here for long.

The day is not just morning. Every moment is a different ray of sunlight. I will see through this down time also.

Try the above and let me know how it goes. Oh you forgot the 5 points of shifting from state of mental heaviness. Nevermind, they are summarised here

  1. Everything that is, is because of mother divine
  2. I prefer
  3. stretch the expected outcome
  4. stay put
  5. invoke the valor in you
  6. …find your own and share here for the world …

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