How to see beyond feelings?

there is lot outside — it could be you as well

Yesterday in meditation Gurudev Sri Sri RaviShankar unveiled another aspect of consciousness which is beyond feelings.

The most significant area for feelings to express is in between the heart and navel region. For some reason it was stone tight for me and Gurudev took attention there only.

You can say it was a mere coincidence but for me it was a divine disruption. Have you experienced divine disruption? Something bothers you, troubles you, makes you feel weak and you don’t know how to come out of it. Then Gurudev connects via his various social media handles or via one of his messengers and helps you to overcome/override that storms of feelings.

Anyways, so in general we observe that the spot in between the heart and navel is the one which either

  1. tightens it’s noose to make it feel like stone when you are sad पत्थर जैसे रुकते हो दुःख मैं ,
  2. or blooms like a flower when you are in bliss फूल जैसे खिलते हो आनंद
  3. or flows like water when you are happy पानी जैसे बहते हो सुख मैं .

Those are the only 3 expressions of feelings in that region. And it is THE REGION of feelings.

When do we feel like stone? Some of the instances could be triggered by

  1. Your …( any close one) had been rude to you and spoke in harsh tone
  2. You were ignored either by your near and dear ones, or colleagues or fellow seva warriors from The Art Of Living( or … choose your favourite group/organization you are affiliated to)
  3. You want to do something dearly but no one is noticing or asking you to do and your ego is not letting you to offer it
  4. You were rude and now everyone is giving back their piece of mind back to you

What to do when you go through this rut? You can do the MEDITATION, especially the one conducted by Gurudev yesterday. I will extract some of the details here to spill the beans. It’s better to listen and experience from THE Master himself before reading it further here.


Feelings is the reality inside the body. It’s like a frog in the well. The well is real. The frog is real. The point of view of frog is real - that it is in the well. Then a bucket goes in the well and by chance the frog is pulled by the water rushing to fill the bucket before starting its upward journey. The beginning of the rise from the depths of the well has begun. The moment the bucket comes out of well the frog jumps out of the bucket and hops onto the greener pasture and bluer sky. For a moment it blushes but soon owns it as its new reality. It does not take much time. He didn’t even know that there was a reality outside the well but now he is consumed by the universal consciousness.

The moment we realize there is vibration outside of us whose heart beats for us too then we can also come out from the well of our feelings.

Well, it is that simple. So what all do you need

  1. A well of feelings which is our current reality
  2. A master who uses the tool of meditation to draw you out from your current false limited reality to the true unlimited reality.

It’s really that simple to come out of the mess of feelings that we get into now and then. I am able to write this article just after the day I was in self-defacing rut.

When I can then anyone can. You can too.

Let’s move and abandon the depths of sadness , rising high as fountains of joy.

What say?

listen !!

care, share, live, spread meditation(happiness), share the art of living,