How to stop judging?

in the journey of life appreciate the rainbows of interactions and people around us — somewhere between isle of skype and fort williams

Let us today analyze the aspects of human judgement. Why is judging detrimental to your growth, humanity and well being? And can it be made more humane?

Conversations are killed when you judge.

Unreasonable opinions are formed when we judge.

Relationships are broken when we judge.

Groupism happens when we judge. People take sides and isolate themselves from other sides.

Our mind stops when we judge. Other’s minds become defensive and protective. The topic of discussion is thus lost and shifted to saving personalities. The foundation and affirmation of ego is established.

Life is killed when we pass judgement. People withdraw, look elsewhere and loose interest either in your company or in whatever they had set upon their heart to do.

Judgement is a destructive, divisive force if not used carefully.

Use caution when you judge.

Often our bias is the cause of judgement.

When we want to steer directions to our thought flow we judge.

When we are insensitive and careless we pass loose judgement.

We think we know. At this point of time what you know is not the same as what everyone else knows. Your subjects are different, their subjects are different. Your knowledge is different, their knowledge is different.

Your ideas of physical and mental fitness exercise may not be same as theirs. Your food taste buds are not same as theirs. Your choice of colours are not same as theirs. Your understanding of technical gadgets is not same as theirs.

I am different. You are different. And we will continue to be different…

How do we judge?

Sometimes a stare and the manner in which you look can create a judgement.

Sometimes the manner in which you exercise your vocal chords can create a judgement.

Sometimes the gestures and body movements can create judgement. A smirk perhaps. A twitch maybe. Or a rub on the nose.

Sometimes when you ignore, you can pass on the judgement too.

Sometimes you don’t even know if you have passed the judgement. It’s only the reaction and outburst that comes after that which forces you to realize the debacle you have caused.

Whether you know or you don’t know you have the capability of judging. Abandon it. It will do more harm than anything else unless…you can shift your point of view.

How can we judge and use it as an uplifting force? What can we do to make judgement life supportive?

If you turn around then we can rephrase the questions to → How can we be more aware? how can we grow awareness? How can we dissolve our differences? How can we continue to be different yet co-exist and co-operate in our daily lives?

Gurudev Sri Sri RaviShankar says Yoga, breathing exercises like Sudarshan Kriya and Meditation develops both sensibility and sensitivity. It makes you more aware. You become more Aware with your feelings and emotions as well of others. Both are needed at the same time to free us from reckless judging.

Before we judge again, Can we pause, wait and reflect before we pass on or impose our point of knows on the worlds around us?

whatever you know is nothing compared to what can be known in this universe. Be humble.

listen and see :)



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