How to turn around a weak mind?

lambs in the mind and life can soon roar like lions — photo courtesy somewhere in scotland

Have you noticed that your mind does not stay with one idea? It keeps jumping on and off from one edge to next, tirelessly.

What do you get in return? A tired and exhausted yourself.

Gurudev Sri Sri RaviShankar says whether you get what you want or don’t get what you want, you are miserable in the end. If you get what you want then you are lost trying to keep it with you. If you don’t get what you want you anyway will be lost?

Let’s meet your mind at lunch. You are having lunch. Your mind is planning what to do after lunch and then after that and after that. The food gets stuck and you are brought to the present moment trying to unstuck your food/wind pipes.

Your eyes have just opened from deep sleep. Your mind is planning what to do during day and recollecting how you could have done yesterday better. Until nature calls and you are forced to leave the comforts of the bed and move over to sit on the commode. You are in the present moment only during the little walk till then and again the dreaming, planning, regretting mind takes over.

Do you think it’s possible to pause this racing mind of yours? The fastest the human body can go is 9.58s for 100m by Usain Bolt. The fastest the mind can go is infinite, beyond time.

Body is constrained and has limited restricted movements and speeds. Mind is unconstrained and has unlimited movements and speeds.

The physics of mind and body are different. If you can’t match upto them then atleast understand and act and behave as per their characteristics.

Your eyes are tired and heavy with sleep but your mind pushes it and holds it open until you finish the series, the binge watch. Even apps like Netflix etc., have made watching videos so effortless that the entire weekend is lost and you don’t even realize it. You come back to school, workplace and declare that you have finished watching a series. What did you get in the end? A pair of tired eyes, irritated mind and tired body.

Have you heard of bulimia, a disease in which the body says Noooo I had enough but the tongue keeps pushing it to gulp more and more. The sense prevails and whenever senses have their say you lose. Always.

The senses carry the mind around. The mind does not have the strength to stop the senses to behave. Most crimes happen under influence of alcohol, a little less happen under the influence of stuck and stiff ego.

The biggest disaster of this life is an ignorant mind. An intellect which is prejudiced so much into a meaningless concept that no force on earth can break it out of it. Then you are finished for atleast this lifetime. Ignorance may look to be strength but is actually weakness.

How to rein and strengthen a weak mind?

Are you so powerless? Is there hope? Should mind be tamed or understood? Can it be made friend or will it keep driving you up and down, left and right? Or will the mind remain fragile, weak and nervous?

Ancient Indian rishis and literature has mentioned that prana is the source of energy for the mind. You only have to learn a breathing technique like sudarshan kriya, few pranayamas and meditation to raise your prana level.

You can learn them all in Online Breath and Meditation Workshop from The Art Of Living which are happening all over the world at the moment. Register and raise your Prana.

Once your prana is high. Your intellect is reasonable and charged. Your mind will then be happy to be your friend.

Sudarshan Kriya Is Simple. Yet powerful.




care, share, live, spread meditation(happiness), share the art of living,

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care, share, live, spread meditation(happiness), share the art of living,

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