“Self is the reference point” said Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in one of his conversations post daily meditations on youtube.

That set me on a journey to explore about the reference point and the details were developed in one of morning sanyam meditation which I present below.

What is reference?

Reference is the basis of our understanding. We can only understand the relative in the world. Hence we need a reference when we understand anything. Our intellect is designed to analyze and interpret. It’s hard for it to comprehend absolute.

What is a reference point?

A reference point is against which you measure. It’s relative.

Let’s take the number line. On that lets put a mark 0 (Zero). Now with reference to 0 on its right is 1 (at a unit distance). On its left at a unit distance of 0 is -1. So it looks something like this

—(-2) — (-1)—(0) — (1) — (2) — 3 —

If there there was no 0, no reference point, there would be no numbers. Without numbers you will be clueless as to how much wealth you have or how much more you need to acquire, how tall you are , how much is your weight, how far is moon…?

Do you see that what a simple concept of a reference point (0) has done to the world of measurements and human kind.

Similarly, let’s draw a number line for some of your emotions. Let’s take anger as -1 then what is 0 for anger. Without reference anger does not exist or can be measured.

Let’s call reference against which anger is measured as peace/calm/stable/…. Where is that reference point located? Let’s call the reference point as the self.

<— nervous — -Agitation — -Anger — -0- — (Peace) — Still — Silence.

<—Material world — Unnatural←- self →Natural —Inner Universe →

At the center of your universe is your self. You keep swinging between the left and the right, the negative and the positive. Towards the left is your journey into the the material world.

How is self a reference point?

Let’s take ego.

What is ego? Ego requires others to validate itself. If there is no you then there is no I.

How much money I have with reference to you?How much money I have with reference to my goal of being a millionaire? Look at the actors they are so happy?

Ego is always going out in the material world in search of a reference point. Once it is happy with acquiring some fame, wealth, recognition it moves on to next.

What is the ego really searching? Why does it tire and exhaust in its search? What is it that it is not able to find?

Now let’s reverse the journey. What happens when the ego turns inwards?

It looks at the self, the real reference point. It dissolves. It melts. That is also called meditation.

Why? Ego is humbled by the magnanimity of the self.

It’s like you are walking through the jungle, lost in the woods, seeing the little shrubs, trying to protect yourself from thorny bushes. On the next turn, you raise the eyes above the mundane and suddenly you get the view of the Himalayas, the huge mountain range. And you are wonderstruck, at the view, at the magnanimity of the mountains.

So do you see that ego is trying to acquire a limited asset believing it will give it happiness. But when it reaches there it finds that there is more happiness elsewhere. This goes on and on…

Whereas we notice that

Peace is infinite.

Happiness is infinite.

Love is infinite.

self is peace, happiness, pure, unconditional love…

How to experience the reference point, your true self, your true nature?

You can never find it but you can experience it. I had a glimpse of it when I learned Sudarshan Kriya from The Art Of Living.

The following video is the my version on above article, you can also create yours and share anywhere.



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