The Saga of Optimizing Energy continues

it’s not very far, enjoy the energy ride — forgot where the shot was taken, do you know?

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Optimizing Energy 1 is pumping energy from nature into your system. Nature has an abundance of energy. Did you know that you have potential to contain abundant energy? So while learning OE1 stages or later practicing it, if you can put aside your mind, then the potential of energy supply from nature is infinite.

Everything in nature is a source of energy. Your body, mother earth, the stars, air, everything. It’s when you connect with them, then the real magic happens, the unhindered flow happens.

Our ideas, our concepts, our mental constructs hinder the energy flow. They create both mental and physical blockages. Neither do you know how to get rid of them nor can you live with them. So what happens instead is that you suffer from them.

I have had many such blocks. Some I will share below. It’s okay not to have any blocks too, you can still fill your reservoir of energy.

I thought it’s too much energy, it’s too much to receive, too much for the body to go through, too much for others to view it, I need to contain it. Sometimes not just the viewer but the conductor of energy also gets scared, for the body also twists and turns when the energy is making its flows obvious.

Now, I see energy movements as restricted dance movements. It’s like driving on the Indian city roads. The dimensions of speed breakers are unpredictable. The craters on the road are unseen unless you are on them. Your drive is bumpy. Sometimes you go right, sometimes left, sometimes you drop on the spot and sometimes you jump for no obvious reason. You don’t know how the ride will be but still you tighten your seat belt, determined to reach your destination.

Similar could be your ride while learning OE1. Your goal is to be high on energy, that is your destination.

You may be low on energy now. That’s ok. Low energy is not low you. You are not low. Neither are you high.

When you are in this world it’s the energy which goes low and high. But you remain you. You are what you are. You don’t change. Try to know yourself, it’s worth a human lifetime.

Like Gurudev Sri Sri RaviShankar ji would say that no one can take away your self esteem. Ashtavakra would join hands too and exclaim, Aho!! You are untouched, pure, spotless energy, niranjan is what you are, have been and will always be.

I learned in OE1 that energy is a friend. The manner in which Dr James Stone was treating energy was how we treat our beloved.

If our beloved is stuck, we encourage her, we support her, we hold her hand, we turn and twist and scream and help her release of the blocks that are bothering her. And we repeat patiently.

These blocks can be anywhere in body. OE1 is a generic solution for specific problems.

In the beginning the vibrations are gross. They are all over the body. They are so visible, constrained yet so obvious.But once the blockages dissolve the vibrations become more refined, the entire body moves at such a pace that it seems humanly impossible.

When you reach the frequency of nature, then your vibrations sync with nature. They become subtle, almost impossible to see by the naked eye but always present, always vibrating.

Have you seen the rhythm of nature? Did you know that it is vibrating all the time. It’s also called as the dance of Shiva, the Nataraja. The entire creation is dancing to its own rhythm.

When will you join the real party???

Befriend energy. She is your beloved. She is your sweet heart. Once the union happens, Yoga happens, then you blossom, you become fragrance, you become an expression of love.

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PS: Do not compare your experience with mine or anybody’s. You are different and I am also different. My body and mind needs a different experience than yours and the objective of any Art Of Living program is to fulfill that.

My recommendation would be to approach the program with an open mind, be sincere and make it your own experience, your own journey. And then share with me and the world as to how it was for you.

The next OE1 will be on 29–30 August. The details are below.

Optimising Energy Part-1

▶️Techniques to instantly optimize energy.

▶️ Experience the 12 stages of healing.

▶️ Energize the immune system.

➡ Explore life in terms of frequencies


29–30 August 2020

Time: 4 pm -7 pm IST

31 Aug — 1 September 2020

Time: 6 pm — 9 pm IST

Registeration link:

Contact for further details on 9663394408 / 8952095622 / 8699929256

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