The Unknown

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Yesterday during daily meditations Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar touched upon a fundamental aspect of our existence.

He asked us to take attention to the regions in us where we currently have tensions, where there is discomfort, where there is pain. For me its mostly in throat region, or sometimes in chest region or sometimes behind head region.

If your human body is 100 units how many units does the region of pain constitute? Say its 2 units or on someday it could maybe go to 5 units. Unless you had a major breakdown or failure your region of discomfort is not more than 2 to 5 percent of your existence.

How about the rest of the region? It is free of pain, discomfort and is functioning the way nature has programmed it to be.


Gurudev asked us to take attention to the region which was not in pain, which was still, which was present yet did not make its physical presence felt. You are 50 kg or 100 kgs but in meditation you hardly feel your weight, most of the times you feel light and keep feeling lighter. That region which was in bliss, which was in peace is significantly larger than the one in pain.

Nature allows opposites to coexist. Opposites are really not opposites. They complement each other in nature.

This is one of the knowledge that you earn in Art of Living Online Breath and Meditation Workshop

Who is your mind advisor? Who is your mind manager?

You have financial advisors, health advisor. Have you tried to locate a relationship manager for your mind, to explore the unknown.

Or still you have unknown relationship manager for yourself?

Your mind is only where your attention is. How do you develop the skill to be also aware of where your attention is not?

You need a Guru to also become aware of the larger aspect of who you are. The unknown aspects of you.

Image mind as a circle with infinite radius. Your attention is only edge of a small pin.

Do you wish to remain pin pricked or do you wish to explore the unknown?

Can you lead yourself alone into the unknown?

Heres the video version of the above. Hope you love it the way you love yourself.




care, share, live, spread meditation(happiness), share the art of living,

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care, share, live, spread meditation(happiness), share the art of living,

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