when the phone rings

its not the phone nor its the ring, its how response is getting altered — back cover designs by infused indigo

When you have just closed the door of rest room. Then the phone rings. It’s the Landline. If it was mobile no one would have bothered in the home because it is yours and landline is ours (shared asset). You don’t know whether to hold on, let go, or start praying deeply that someone else picks it up please.

Meanwhile speculation starts. Who could it be? Is it this person wanting that? Is it that person wanting this? Is it the vegetable vendor? Is it the delivery agent?

If it is that person then I would say this? Or did that person called up to say this?

Within milliseconds your adrenaline shoots up, a scream goes out, someone pick the phone please!!.

All permutation combination of caller/callee conversations are generated in no time.

You were still in the rest room.


You were far from rest. You were amidst agitation, self generated chaos. The entire purpose of answering nature was lost. What was pressuring up for downpour converted into a trickle?

Once the phone was lifted and stopped ringing you had greater relief than it would have been if you had answered the nature.

Answering a phone is not facing a lion. The early men had faced lions with broken stone tools and a collective will.

You just have to handle a phone ring tone.

You just have to handle a young one trying out a peculiar trick today.

You just have to handle a client today.

You just have to handle to make something new in kitchen today.

You just have to prepare for the exam today.

You just have to give the exam today.

It is just that.

And THAT keeps changing.

What will happen if you do not answer the phone?

Will she feel bad?

Will they stop calling you?

Will he ignore you?

Will the delivery agent not come tomorrow?

Will you have a virtual end?

Life is not virtual. Life is real. Breath is real. Divine is real.

They have been there for long and they know it for long. Just that, they are not taught in any school or youtube or webinar or crash course. If you hold onto them then maybe your panic buttons will subside. Then the world around you will be a great spectacle.

The strength to handle the reactive mind comes from regular self practice and restraint. With an element of grace the progress is insured and accelerated. Those are also the founding principles of Yoga too.

Find your practice.

Find your source of grace.

Make your life flow.

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