why should we be humble?

your expression has no baggage, eyes can transport beyond infinity, a humbled look painted by Mamta Shringirishi

The entire creation takes us in the direction of becoming humble. The more humility we gather the more evolved we are.

Why is that so?

What happens when you are not humble?

You have pride. You have arrogance. You associate yourself with that which does not belong to you.

Like you have more money than someone then you are proud of your earning ability. If you have less than you are jealous of all those who have more or better earning abilities.

If your health is better than people 10 years younger you feel elated and proud. If your health is poor and you are not even able to do basic functions then you sulk, isolate.

If you are in a position of power you start to believe that the power is yours. Once your position goes or you retire or someone else rises above you then you suddenly feel deprived, isolated and lost.

Both in feelings of superiority and inferiority your direction of life is not what it is meant to be. You seem to be going up and forward but in reality you are deceived in considering dependents as yours. The position, power, assets, accumulations are all temporary dependents. You will have to drop them either via certain situations in life or by death.

So what happened in your journey of life. You were supposed to evolve, grow and progress. Whatever you linked with those goals suddenly seemed meaningless.

You have lost the goals and purpose of life. Or you continue to believe(rather deceived) that it is the life. You continue to wonder in jungle of life. Going from one jungle to another in every other lifetime.

Becoming humble in the journey is like walking up the hill away from the jungle of life. Your perspective of life changes. Every dependency becomes trivial, the jungle starts to become a distant memory, the animals of jungle don’t bother you that much. Once in a while the roar from the jungle may shake your heart but you continue to rise up the mountain, raring to touch the clouds, the sky.

The goal is out there independent of anything else on this planet. That view is built by becoming humble. That is the reason nature keeps humbling us. Nature is patient. Are you learning? Or do you still miss the point?

Quoting Gurudev Sri Sri RaviShankar from his article

Being humble is the beginning of all virtues.

One workshop which can simplify your journey towards becoming humble is Online Breath and Meditation Workshop from The Art Of Living. Register and course correct the direction of life to align with what nature has planned for you.




care, share, live, spread meditation(happiness), share the art of living, https://www.amazon.com/dhaval-sharma/e/B08NF1FCZ1

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care, share, live, spread meditation(happiness), share the art of living, https://www.amazon.com/dhaval-sharma/e/B08NF1FCZ1

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